Bicester, Oxfordshire To Give A Kidney!

Well – we didn’t quite go that far on our trip to Oxfordshire, but it was great to be able to play and support such a great charity. You can find out all about the endeavours of Give a Kidney at their website. For the band it was a great chance to play at another charity do – they’re great fun, and spirits run high as everyone gets into the giving mood… I don’t think any actual kidneys were pledged, but we heard a great amount of money was raised!

Left To Our Own Devices

On performances like this, we’re usually left very much to our own devices as far as the set list is concerned. A hint about the demographic was handy, and we set about putting together a great set list from our favourite tracks. The early evening started with a few golden oldies, Stuck In The Middle and Sweet Home Alabama getting the dance floor going. From there it was on to some of our more recent tracks – Drive By and Viva La Vida making appearances during the second set.

All in all, it was a great night, working for a great charity. If you can’t bear to part with kidney, why not just hop on their site and help raise awareness of the opportunity for others to donate and change a life!

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