Beautiful Marquee Wedding In Redditch

A glorious sunny day greeted us as we arrived at the marquee in Redditch. Views were spectacular and you’d hardly believe you were less than half an hour south Birmingham… It looked from some angles more like a scene from Lord Of The Rings!

Special Venue

The couple were lucky enough to have parents who lived in a spectacular part of the country and made full use of a field just up the road from the bride’s parent’s house. It did feel like driving to the middle of nowhere; and that was certainly a key part of the charm of the venue.

When looking for venues, we think there’s often something to be said for choosing somewhere that has some connection – whether the area or the particular place. Obviously we don’t all have fields with such great views (or fields at all!) but even choosing somewhere that makes you feel at home in another way can be a great way to personalise your day.

Elegant Marquee

The marquee was really lovely. The band end was completely blacked out with a star cloth, which makes a huge difference to the wedding’s atmosphere in the early part of the evening. The dance floor was itself illuminated with stars, making a great surround for the guests when dancing. As you can see from the photos below, it looked great!

Wanted For A First Dance

With their usual dance pop anthems, the Wanted might not be your first stop when choosing a first dance. However, the couple had discovered a Live Lounge arrangement of ‘Forever Gold’ which really fit the bill. The piano and vocal arrangement we augmented with a little accompaniment from the rest of the band, and the lyric sat perfectly to kick of the evening reception of the wedding.

A Whole Night Of Requests

The bride and groom had made a full evening’s worth of requests, stating for each song on our entire repertoire whether they “definitely wanted”, “wanted” or “didn’t want” the song. This is certainly a great way of a couple hearing exactly what they want, and we’ll always aim to give any couple exactly what they want. However, on this occasion there were a few great songs missing. After mentioning this to the couple and getting their “all clear” to play them (it turned out they weren’t dead set against them!) we added them back in the set. Superstition by Stevie Wonder was a real high point of the night, so we’re glad we took the initiative and brought it back in!

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