Back At The Riverbank, Nottingham

We certainly feel like we’re getting into the swing of things somewhat at Nottingham’s Riverbank, this being our third visit this year for their Riverbank Rocks Friday night. While we’re only there every other month – first Friday of the even months – we’re enjoying changing things up each time to keep it fresh. This time we had a more energetic opening to the evening with Valerie followed by Scouting For Girls’ She’s So Lovely.

Same Old Same Old?

This being our first go at a residency, we did wonder if things would get tired – but we’re happy to say they haven’t so far! The venue has become steadily busier over the course of the year, which helps, but the key thing is that the people are always different. Whether it’s a group of Graeme Swann’s mates gathered on the dance floor, or a hen party getting the drinks in, it’s never the same night twice at the Riverbank.

That fresh vibe we think comes down to a commitment by the venue to keep things live – hence having live bands twice a week. It makes a huge difference having a live band playing, and we do everything we can ourselves to make sure the show is as energetic this month as it will be on our next visit (3rd August if you’re checking!)

Chance To See The Band Live

We’ve also found that this regular performance has been a great chance for people to come and see the band play live before booking. While in general, we’d suggest that the bands playing regularly in pubs and clubs are those not busy enough with weddings & corporate events, we do recognise that when planning a big event like a wedding you want to be sure of the product you’re getting. I don’t think we’ve yet played the Riverbank and not had a wedding booked off the back of the show, so we must be doing something right!

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