Back at Donington Park!

Tonight we’re back as the evening entertainment at a wedding in Donington Park. Looking round in the bar, it seems our transport isn’t up to speed with the Park’s history. 70 years of racing here and tonight seems rather docile in comparison!

It’s a fantastically ornate room, with a great stage at one end. The set up went very much to plan, and it’s sounding great. The first set of three tonight has just finished, and the hot rolls are being devoured as we speak!

First dance tonight was It’s All About You by McFly. The bride and groom chose it for it’s ‘cheesy’ qualities; but we’re actually quite taken with as a way to kick of the live music at a wedding. The words sum up is the feelings couples usually feel at their weddings, and it’s a straight forward song to dance to- what more do you want from a first dance?!

Second set starts shortly…

Set 2

The second set of our 3 sets at tonight’s wedding went really well. A really energetic response for the mid evening tunes. Mr Brightside was definitely the highlight of the set… Nearly a decade on, and it’s still got every bit of it’s freshness for us. Almost all the weddings we play benefit from having this Killers track played live!

Good Night, and Goodnight…

Another beautiful wedding draws to a close; tonight played out by Hey Jude. The final set saw a core of dedicated revellers keep the dance floor going late into the night, and The CoverUps were there throughout to keep it rocking. February weddings are a rare treat since no one expects great weather, so the whole planning goes into what would for summer weddings be the ‘wet weather contingency’ – and tonight proved to no exception.