Back at Barnsley House in the Cotswolds

We’ve just got back from another beautiful wedding at Barnsley House, down in the Cotswolds. The journey along the A429 is growing familiar this season, the picturesque Cotswold stone walls greeting us elegantly each visit.

Tonight’s set up was a relaxed affair; the guests eating in the marquee in the garden allowing us nearly 3 clear hours in the room. Of course, being well versed in setting up efficiently, and very well rehearsed doing so at Barnsley House, we were all set within an hour. As such, we had a little spare time to experiment; the results of which we hope to show you all in the coming weeks… Watch this space!

As is so often the case when we learn a first dance for a couple, we now have the song stuck firmly in our heads! Tonight the song was I’m Yours by the Script. It’s a lovely, understated choice and both Bride and Groom said numerous times how pleased they were that we had learnt the song for them.

Set highlights were Mr. Brightside in the first half, and Don’t Stop Believing in the second. An enthusiastic Glee contingent requested the Journey track persistently through the first half, but it always feels like a second half type of song to us!

I’m quite sure that next week we’ll be pining for the Cotswolds, as we make our way back from a wedding in South Wales. So I guess it’s time to make the most of this “early” night!