An International Wedding At Cambridge’s Anstey Hall

Not to be confused, as apparently it often is, with Coventry’s Ansty Hall, Anstey Hall in Cambridge is turning into something of a regular haunt for the band. Our previous two visits have been for corporate events rather than weddings, and these have had us playing in the expansive grounds surrounding the hall itself. This time we were playing in the foyer of the main building, giving us an easy load in, and time to set up while the guests ate in the room upstairs.

Russian Wedding Traditions

This was a first for the band (at least as best we can remember) playing for Russian bride. We were informed shortly before the performance by two of the groomsmen that there was a Russian tradition, which had to take place before we could start. The tradition has the bride’s shoe being stolen, with a ransom being collected from the guests to buy back the shoe! It was all a lot of fun, and the band accompanied the banter with a folksy blues improvisation to keep things lively.

From there, the shoe back in it’s rightful place we set the first dance going. Stevie Wonder with For Once In My Life played from the couple’s iPad was order of the day. A lovely track, and Stevie’s delightful vocal really set the tone for the evening.

Drinks Flowing

And so, with the drinks flowing – particularly the vodka it seemed! – the dance floor really got going! The band played a set of true classics, ensuring familiarity for the international audience – A little Michael Buble and a healthy dose of Beatles helped everyone feel at home…

As the night went on – as you can see from the photos below – the dance floor remained energetic. The Bride and Groom themselves the centre of many of the set highlights, which is always lovely to see.

With any luck we’ll be back at Anstey Hall soon!

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