An Energetic Night at Eynsham Hall

It’s not the first time we’ve visited Eynsham Hall, but it’s unique charm as a wedding venue is fresh every time. Tonight we arrived with plenty of time in hand, so we reclined in the Gun Bar for half an hour and supped on a cold glass of cola. We noticed a strong young contingent on our way so expected a packed and lively dance floor;┬áso this was the calm before the proverbial storm.

The Gun Bar

It’s worth pointing out that of all the venues we’ve played, Eynsham Hall’s Gun Bar is one of the more unique rooms we’ve encountered. Set in a gorgeous Jacobean-style building, it could hardly mark more of a contrast. The modern, yet slightly retro feeling room is quirky to say the least. Stylistic Lamps and Trophy Animal heads adorn the room with an almost carboard cut out feel. The experience is surreal, but surprisingly energising!

A Great Sounding Room

The main function room at Eynsham Hall is a great souding room. Decked out in wood from floor to it’s high ceiling creates a perfect environment for live music. We set up infront of the fireplace and despite the late finish to the guest’s meal, we were set and ready by the allotted time. It really makes all the difference working in a room like this – you feel like you’re working with the room, not against it.

Cake Cutting into First Dance

We think this always works well – having the cutting of the cake on the dance floor immediately before the first dance. That way, you’ve got the attention of all your guests, and don’t have to spend time rallying round twice!

Tonight’s first dance was ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ borrowing a little from Andy Williams, a little from Frankie Valli. It’s a great choice as a first dance, or end of night song – tonight for brevity we ommitted the beautiful key change which always send shivers up our spines at the end of a night.

3-Sets that worked

Tonight’s performance was split into 3 sets. We usually advise away from 3 sets, as it can feel like the music keeps starting and stopping. However, tonight’s first set did a great job of providing some early evening entertainment for the older generation, while allowing us to save 2 sets for the bride and groom’s friends. As you can see from the pictures below, the dance floor just got fuller and fuller through the night.

High Points and Favourite Songs

Tonight was absolutely great fun – such a great crowd to work off and we all had our special moments in the set. Jake enjoyed some slap bass in the Lady Ga Ga track (Just Dance) – and I particularly enjoyed the reaction to our segue into Back Street’s Back. I say it often, but a year on it remains good fun! Moves Like Jagger went down a storm, and the ‘Christina’ Middle 8 sounded really solid tonight.

Returning To Eynsham Hall

Only an hour from home and with such a great sounding room, Eynsham Hall is certainly a venue we’d love to return to soon. If you’re having your wedding at Eynsham Hall, and you’re looking for a band – do give us a call!

Next week we’re even closer to home at Wethele Manor – but for now, I think it’s time for bed! Good night all!

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