Air Guitars At The Ready!

Last Saturdays venue has quickly become one of our favourites here at the CoverUps with just a 10 minute drive home for some of the band! Not only that but when we arrived, load in was a breeze; the staff were approachable and friendly and the venue sounded great straight from sound check too. Where is this place we hear you ask? The Brandon Hall Hotel in the little town of Brandon just outside Coventry, that’s where!

Those Summer Nights…

With such a perfect summer evening coupled with an outdoor barbeque, it can sometimes be hard to pull people back indoors! But once we announced the Bride and Groom’s first dance everyone came pouring in and surrounded the dance as they danced to ‘One’ by U2.

A Crowd Of Music Connoisseurs

We were informed beforehand that there were lots of musicians in the audience, and this was revealed when we kicked into the Gun ‘n’ Roses classic ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. As Gaz played the iconic guitar riff, the air guitars came out and all eyes were on him as he nailed the well-loved guitar solos!

The second set ensured that the dance floor stayed packed and we ended the night on a high with ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – a song that seems to bring everyone together no matter where we play it! For a few band members it was time to get home, but the CoverUps didn’t stop the party there! We then played an hour set of tracks handpicked by the Bride and Groom through our PA system to keep their guests entertained.

Brandon Hall Hotel hosted a wonderful wedding reception and a great night was had by all. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Shenton!

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