A Supermassive Night At Vinopolis, London

A trip in to London is a regular thing for us at the CoverUps. While the nation’s capital has its share of function bands, they sometimes need to draft in something special. For a bunch of relative geeks like this band, playing the Christmas party of a computer games firm was a pretty good fit!

Ahead Of Time

Is very often the case with functions that timings slip over the course of the event… Though usually the timings slide later! This night we were told shortly before our arrival that things were running ahead of time. Fortunately, despite this, we were able to set up and soundcheck before the guests arrived thanks to the judicious use of technology (digital desks with remote control are wonderful things!) and we swiftly cleared cases and got out of the way!

A Chef Kerfuffle

At a number of moments during the meal the guests were treated to a visit from the chef. Unfortunately, it was because a waiter wasn’t quite doing his job properly, and some violence occurred…

This, of course, was all part of the game. The chef and waiter were both part of an amusing dinner entertainment as part of the day’s event – son police were not called, despite the brandishing of knives!

 A Supermassive Night

And so it was our turn to entertain – and much fun was had! Our energetic start began bringing people to the dancefloor and in time the whole place was alive. Sometimes it’s more about those off the dancefloor, and tonight we have necks craned from the scaletrix and roulette tables to watch the show! Suffice to say a fun night was had by all, us included! Here’s to the next trip to London (and maybe Vinopolis)!

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