A Summery Cotswold Wedding… In October!

Today’s wedding was at the end of a spectacular week for English weather, and today capped it off! With record breaking temperatures, the couple could barely have been happier. A great start!

Venue staff were excellent, showing us to an area we could sit while speeches finished. As is par for the course, the schedule slipped by around 30 mins. However, this worked well, as guests enjoyed the grounds at Stonehouse Court while we set up- an unexpected bonus!

Set-up went swiftly and smoothly, Jo Webb, guitarist and sound engineer extraordinaire tweaking the levels for a brilliant live gig sound. The sound limiter, despite being relatively stringent, caused no issues tonight; with a comfortable level for playing and listening achieved without a problem.

Tonights evening highlights included Mr Brightside and Livin’ on a Prayer. The vocals in the chorus of the Bon Jovi track have been sitting really nicely of late; and this combined with a lovely relaxed atmosphere made for as superb feeling on the dance floor.

The Bride and Groom tonight have been a delight to work with- extremely personable, and understandably pleased with the way the whole day had gone. It’s always a privilege knowing that you’ll be part of the memories of the a couple’s big day, and we wish them all the best in the months and years ahead.