A Delightful Night At Elmore Court – The Perfect Live Band Wedding Venue

Once again down in the heart of the Cotswolds, the band arrive at a new wedding venue in good time after cutting through Friday evening traffic. The wedding venue section at Elmore Court was purpose-built and opened late in 2013. Now with a diary filled through to 2016, it is immediately clear why this venue is so popular. The owner himself, a DJ who has performed at high profile events such as Glastonbury, Glade Festival etc, built an excellent in-house PA and lighting rig into this venue as well as designing the entirety of it to be completely soundproof! While these things may not immediately appeal to prospective couples looking for somewhere to celebrate their marriage, they make the world of difference to the entertainers, and besides, the venue in itself is a stunning building.

The CoverUps feat. DJ Chris, The Groom!

So often we’re booked by complete music fanatics. Tonight was one of those occasions! The groom, himself a guitarist, had spent years playing as a DJ at London venues. He took the opportunity during one of our breaks to perform a half hour DJ slot. Armed with only an iPad he wowed the crowd with a varied selection of tracks masterfully mixed. We love these moments; they bring a very personal touch to the evening’s live entertainment. Before long it was time to get the band back on stage and we cracked on with a second set of 80s tunes which filled the dance floor.

An Illuminating Experience

Tonight was great fun for us. As you can see in the photos below, the room looked wonderful and the staging and lighting really helped to set the scene for a great evening of live music. Highlights for us included an impromptu drop into American Pie (by request of one of the groomsmen) and a Welsh accented rendition of Park Life in honour of the South Walian contingent!

Hopefully, we’ll make another trip back to Elmore Court again next year- they do tremendous, gorgeous weddings there! Until then, enjoy our shots from the evening… 

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