80s Extravaganza At Cambridge’s Anstey Hall

Often the remit for our bookings is to play something for everyone, or something similar, which made this night all the more fun! An 80s Party for Redgate Studios in Cambridge – Redgate Says Relax – meant choosing tracks from just one of the 7 decades our repertoire dips it’s toes into and brushing up some new tracks to bolster the set list!

Fun Day!

The band’s live set was the finale to a family fun day that the guys at Redgate were putting on for all their hard working programmers. It looked like a great event with a inflatables adorning Anstey Hall’s elegant grounds and staff and their families dressed as everything from 80s fashion icons to members of the A-Team.

In-House Bands

When we arrived the stage was playing host to one of Redgate’s home grown bands. As graduates ourselves, it harked back to our University days and the mathematicians and computer programmers letting off their steam by thrashing out some prog, metal or folk (it was mostly those genres – not a great deal of pop coming out of those departments!)

The CoverUps Say Relax

And so, after quickly throwing our equipment up on stage, we set to work on our best 80s impersonations. The set contained some great tracks we’ve not had a chance to play before, including:

  • Beat It
  • Tainted Love
  • A Little Respect
  • Addicted to Love
  • Don’t You Want Me Baby
  • Jump
  • Come On Eileen

These are all tracks we’ve had on our radar for a while, just waiting for the excuse to get them ready for a gig. Beat It was a great track and one we’d reckon could make it into a slightly more regular set list. Beyond that, Jump was a particular favourite, featuring as it does synth and guitar solos!

Photos from the back of the stage don’t really show the full glory of the 80s costumes, but we hope you enjoy a quick look at the show!

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