5 Tips to Picking Your Wedding Reception Music

Choosing the right music for your wedding reception can make a huge difference to the feel of your day. Often people talk with great anticipation about the evening reception music – and as the last, and least formal part of the day, it’s the part of the day you can have the most fun with!

Here are our 5 tips to choosing the right music for your wedding reception.

1. What Music Do You Love?

Regardless of anything else that may be said on the subject, it’s your wedding day, and it’s your wedding reception. You have to choose the music that you want – that you love. If that means the music will be provided by a Metallica tribute band, then so be it. The wedding reception is your first chance to relax, with nothing left to worry about. With the ceremony, speeches and formal photographs finished, it’s just a case of kicking back and enjoying yourself. So choose the music that you’ll remember for all the right reasons!

2. Think of Your Guests

The evening reception is a great opportunity to entertain and delight your friends and family. Thinking about the range of ages attending your wedding may help you decide what type of evening entertainment you would like. For example, with a wide range of age groups (often nieces and nephews through to grandparents!) it’s worth looking for an act that will cover music from a number of decades. If you expect to have a more narrow tastes – some whole families share a love for bands like Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs – then it’d be worth hiring a band that has a number of those songs in their repertoire!

3. The Venue’s Bearing on the Music

You may find it helpful to talk to your reception venue about their recommendations for music. Often venues will have bands who have worked well there in the past. This can be particularly key when choosing music for a venue with a strict sound limitation.

In addition, you may decide that something that reflects the elegance of the venue itself. Often at traditional wedding venues, a harpist, string quartet or acoustic act over a drinks reception can work really well.

4. Consider Your Wedding Reception Timings

The timings of your day will have a significant bearing on what you do for entertainment at your wedding reception. For example – an early dinner may give your guests some time to explore the venue some more while a band set up, before returning for your first dance. A later dinner may create an opportunity for a relaxed acoustic set over a drinks reception. Furthermore, a later dinner may actually leave more time for dancing in the evening if it removes the need for an evening buffet.

5. An Eye on the Budget

Wedding budgets invariably run tight – and if the wedding reception music is left as the last thing to book it can make the world of difference to the quality of the act you’re able to afford. No wedding service should be encouraging you to go beyond your means, but if the reception music is important to you it should be reflected in your budget. The cost of quality live evening entertainment starts around £1250 for a 4 piece act. The CoverUps offer a wedding reception music package for £1500 which includes a late afternoon solo acoustic set too!

Wedding Reception Music Summary

We hope that this guide to choosing your wedding reception music has given you some useful things to think about. If you need any further advice, or want to talk things over, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re quite happy to talk to you about any aspect of your wedding day, not just booking the band!