5 Return To Wroxall Abbey

It’s always a pleasure to play on our home turf in the West Midlands, and even more so playing one of our favourite Warwickshire wedding venues – Wroxall Abbey! Returning for our 2nd live show of the year, this time as a 5-piece, the ornate surroundings felt all the more familiar. Of course, this familiarity with the venue helps the band get off to a relaxed start!

Have I Told You Lately?

The first dance was Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately. Our version borrows from the Rod Stewart rendition of the track, and made a beautiful song for a first dance. It’s a classic, and a great way to kick off the dancing.

Kicking into the early evening songs, a double guitar lineup made short work of a lively Sweet Home Alabama rendition, with pop tracks like Jessie J’s Pricetag making their appearances to a bustling dance floor.

Upping The Tempo

As the night drew on, the tempos and the energy built. A few not-so-regular tracks made their appearances, including our rendition of Love Machine, which sits somewhere between the Arctic Monkey’s version and that of Girls Aloud: much fun!

The night drew to a rapturous close, the band’s renditions of Summer Of ’69 and Don’t Look Back In Anger left the audience wanting more. A delightful night, and one that leaves us looking forward to our next trip to Wroxall Abbey (next February at the time of writing!)

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