5-Piece Wedding At The Leicester Hilton

The Leicester Hilton is a handy venue for us, being as it is on the junction between M1 and M69, it’s a straight forward drive from Coventry, and not too difficult for those coming up from London, as our female vocalist and guitarist were today. The venue has a very professional feel, and is clearly well set up for functions. The load in was straight through fire doors to the stage area, which was partitioned off so we could set up out of sight of all the guests.

Leicester Hilton Wedding Food

Once we set up, as was straight forward today, it was time to eat before the sound check. We usually delay the sound check if there are speeches taking place, so we just checked the lines were all working and went for our food. A quick sit down to eat and chat over the set, and we were back to get the sound check finished.

Mystery First Dance

It’s not unusual for us not to know what the first dance is before the day. It’s often a rather last minute decision, and if we’re not playing it live there’s no rush. However, we’d usually expect that the couple themselves might know before the day, let alone before the time they’re due to take their first dance! Not this day – the groom even asked us there and then what we’d recommend! After a quick chat, we managed to find a copy of a Coldplay song they were after and popped that on, and off they went.

Close Proximity Bar

It’s always a good sign for us if the bar is in close proximity to the dance floor. Ideally in the same room, but in a room adjacent to the dance floor as it was in this case worked really well. Through the evening the drinks flowed, and the dancing got gradually more raucous. From the early part of the evening, with 5-piece tracks like I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 and Rolling In The Deep to the end of the night with Firework and Crazy In Love the people dance floor got more and more involved. As we finished with Viva La Vida and Don’t Look Back In Anger the night ended with rapturous celebration.