5-Piece Wedding At Chateau Impney

The great thing about being a live wedding band is that you get to visit some of the country’s most fascinating buildings. Not only that, we get to rock the party at them too! Chateau Impney was without doubt one of the most memorable. Still in our home of the West Midlands, Worcestershire’s Chateau Impney is, as you can see for yourself if you google it, an impressive building!

8 Times The Fun!

The room the band were playing in was, somewhat surprisingly, octagonal! The maths geeks among the band enjoyed the unusual qualities of the room, and it made for a unique setting for a wedding reception!

John Legend’s All Of Me was the couple’s choice for the first dance, and with the full 5 piece lineup the arrangement sounded gorgeous. In the last few years this track has been a popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. A lovely sentiment with an ideal slow dance tempo: we’re sure it’ll be a popular choice for the years to come!

Stevie Wonder vs The Fresh Prince

As the dance floor built in excitement and energy over the night, the band threw a few improvised additions their way. Of particular note was James’ Fresh Prince Of Bel Air rap in the instrumental section of Superstition. The Stevie Wonder track has a groove allows plenty of space for fun ad-libs – keep your ears peeled (is that a phrase?!) at any of the next shows!

As the night rocked on, favourites including Domino brought the dance floor to a true frenzy! So much fun, and here’s hoping we’ll get another visit to Chateau Impney soon!