5-Piece Christmas Fun at Horsley Lodge

Last night saw the band playing a Christmas party at Horsley Lodge, Derby. In a change to the norm, the band performed as a 5-piece, leaving lead singer Mike free to move a bit more than he’s usually allowed! Matt, who took on the additional instrumental duties played a fabulous set, with awesome recreation of the keyboard sounds with a variety of virtual instruments and samples.

Horsley Lodge – an Ideal Venue for a Live Band

Our first time at Horsley Lodge we were pleased to bits when Jo showed us around. Load in was direct to the dance floor, and the accommodating staff really went out of their way to make things as easy as they could. Working with great staff really does make a difference to us. Playing week in, week out, we’re well versed in working in a wide variety of situations – from awkward and long load ins to¬†infeasibly¬†tight areas to set up – we really have seen it all. So when things are made easy for us, it really gives us a boost and an excitement about the live part of the evening!

After setting up the client had arranged for us to eat in the hotel restaurant. Food there really was excellent, and we’d heartily recommend popping in if you’re in the area!

A Variety of Entertainment

As is common with these events, the organizers really went to town with the entertainment. The company staff have worked hard all year, and this is a great opportunity for the business to give something back – and they really did! A full 4 courses, close-up magician (Bernie – Magic at Your Fingertips), DJ and Live Band – the guest really were spoilt for choice. As such, the first set err’d naturally toward a more background sound. The great thing about live bands is that whether people are drawn straight to the dance floor, or take their time enjoying the other elements of the night, the band can be appreciated on a number of levels. Despite a quiet dance floor for the first half, the band were embroiled in a number of conversations with guests about the music – all of which showed they’d been loving it from where they were.

A Lively Second Half

As expected, the second half saw guests flocking to the dance floor. Valerie, Mercy, Supersition – the opening tracks really drew the audience in. The highlight for us was almost certainly Just Dance by Lady Ga Ga – and our segue into Back Streets Back. It always takes an audience by surprise, and raises a wry smile or two from the teenagers of the 90s!

Only an hour from home, the band finished the night eager to return to Horsley Lodge.