30th Birthday Party Near Birmingham

Booking live bands for birthday parties seems to be becoming more and more popular. This, our first 30th birthday party for a while was a pleasure to play. Our birthday girl was in high spirits from start to finish and the intimate pub venue gave us all something of a nostalgic feeling.

A Pub Gig With A Difference

As with so many musicians, we all spent our formative years playing any pub that would have us. So playing the Malt Shovel had a bit of a throwback to our youth… though it’s certainly fair to say that it was a far nicer pub than those we played those few years ago!

Live Party Band

As far as parties go we think there’s nothing to bring them to life like a great live band. It was such a pleasure playing for people who were there to just enjoy being together. A close group of friends, family and colleagues all seemed to know each other in one way or another, so the air in the room was lively and relaxed.

Cue the CoverUps to turn that upbeat feeling into dancing! The first of this night’s 3 sets kicked off with Faith – not too¬†in your face, but lively enough to get people’s foot tapping. The first set remained polite, leaving the rockier tracks for the second and third sets. The birthday girl (should that be lady?!) had been quite selective with her set list – but she had great taste so this made, with a little tidying up from us, for a great night!

Speeches To Finish

There’s no etiquette or formal traditions when it comes to birthday parties, but a speech or two is always a good place to start. Both the birthday girl and her father took to the mic to thank all the guests and make a little more fuss of the lady of the day. It was a lovely finish to a great night. Here’s to her 4th decade!

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